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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many MIDIs are on Midiarchive?

Currently, there are over 6,100 MIDIs available for download.

What's in the near future for Midiarchive?

Modernizing and updating the site and adding thousands of new files.

What are MIDI files?

MIDI files are a widely supported and industry standard file format for music. A MIDI file contains the instructions for which note, for how long, pitch bending, volume, etc. Every single aspect of how to reproduce a piece of music is contained within a MIDI file.

MIDI files contain no actual audio data (sound samples) of their own and rely on sourcing such data from external sources (either the player or the host system's sound card drivers). As a result, MIDIs can sound very different on different systems but are also very, very small when compared to other music formats such as MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc.

MIDI files have found their use in electronic pianos whereby performances can be recorded as well as in other instrument types. A recent use of the MIDI format has been with Synthesia. A game whereby one can load a MIDI file and use it to learn how to play songs on the piano.

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